I’ve had a Fitbit One for quite a while.  I like it.  When I tested the step count, I found it was pretty accurate.  And it has a stair count feature, which is good for those of us who Hustle.

But there’s always been a problem.  For some reason, every few days or so, I’d find the thing had turned itself off somehow.  The great tech support at Fitbit kept sending me replacements, but we could never figure out the underlying cause.  I didn’t find anything in Google, either.  So that meant I had developed some weird super power involving cutting the power to fitness trackers, or there was something I was missing.

Recently, Fitbit provided a very reasonable explanation: I was wearing the tracker upside down.  I had put the tracker in so that the button that turns the screen on was at the bottom of the clip.  Turns out, it needs to be at the top.  Otherwise, the metal contacts used to charge the Fitbit come into contact with the metal in the clip, which eventually confuses the tracker and causes it to turn itself off in a fit of self-preservation.

Who knew?  And now I’ve put it out there so that hopefully the next person who has a haunted Fitbit can find the solution.

It’s working fine now.  That said, I still might replace it with the Apple’s shiny new watch, or maybe this spiffy Pebble (if I can figure out which one to choose).