Seth and I are back from DC. We had a really good time! We did a lot of touristy of things like the Capitol and Monticello. We also fixed my uncle’s computer (it had viruses) so we earned our keep! No pictures for now since we forgot our digital cameras (we did have some disposable analogs).

Some odd things:

In front of the White House on Friday, we saw like 6 protesters. 1 Freeper and 5 anti-war. But there were a lot of no war signs (and fewer pro-war ones) scattered about.

DC houses in the Capitol Hill area are really thin.

Everything is blocked off. I’m not sure what was closed because of all of the snow and what was closed because of security. But you can no longer just walk in the Capitol and I couldn’t find the main entrance to the Library of Congress.

The Air and Space Museum has some nice tributes to Colombia. However, they also had an exhibit suggesting the Speak and Spell was the epitome of high-tech.

Speaking of obsolete, you can see an Apple I and an Osborne in the American History museum. Neat! Ok, I already knew that but it’s my favorite part. I keep finding stuff I used to have but I forgot (like the Little Professor Calculator)

One thing about doing DC in mid-winter is it isn’t crowded at all. But no matter when you go, the food in the National Gallery of Art sucks.

The Metro kicks the Els ass but good.