Yes, Saddam is a bad man. He does not deserve to remain in power. I maintain, however, that there are other ways to remove him without a war right this second. Especially since the war is about the fact that we do not want him to have weapons of mass destruction — and of course, nuclear weapons. Oh, wait. It appears that some of the evidence that Saddam is doing nuclear research has been faked! Yay, yet more bad information. Can’t we take the time to get good information before we kill 1000s of people (especially our own soldiers)?

Knowledgeable sources familiar with the forgery investigation described the faked evidence as a series of letters between Iraqi agents and officials in the central African nation of Niger. The documents had been given to the U.N. inspectors by Britain and reviewed extensively by U.S. intelligence. The forgers had made relatively crude errors that eventually gave them away — including names and titles that did not match up with the individuals who held office at the time the letters were purportedly written, the officials said.

“We fell for it,” said one U.S. official who reviewed the documents.

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What do you bet they’ll find a letter like this in those documents?

Dear Sir,


Firstly I must solicit your strictest confidence in this subject. This is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. A member of the Niger Nuclear Export Promotion Council (N.N.E.P.C.) who was part of the federal government delegation to your country during a weapons of mass destruction trade show gave your particulars to me. I have decided to seek a confidential operation with you in the execution of the deal described hereunder for the benefit of all the parties and hope that you keep it top secret because of the nature of the business.