2003 Pilots

The article says:

Best-case scenario: perhaps a quarter of those under consideration will ever make it to air.

I guess that depends on how one defines “best case.” Some examples:


Mr. & Mr. Nash (Comedy)
Studio: Carsey-Werner-Mandabach
Production Team: Steve Martin, Joan Stein
Premise: Gay couple are professional designers by day and amateur private eyes by night.
Stars: Alan Cumming


Century City (Drama)
Studio: Universal TV
Production Team: Ed Zuckerman ("The Agency"), Paul Attanasio ("Homicide" ), Katie Jacobs ("Gideon’s Crossing")Premise: A legal drama set 50 years in the future.
Stars: Eric Schaeffer ("If Lucy Fell" ), Viola Davis ("Antwone Fisher" ), Ioan Gruffudd ("Horatio Hornblower" ), Kristin Lehman ("Go Fish"), Hector Elizondo ("Chicago Hope"), Nestor Carbonell ("The Tick" )


Mister Ed (Comedy)
Studio: 20th Century Fox TV, Original TV
Production Team: Jack Handey ("Saturday Night Live"), Marty Adelstein, Neal H. Moritz ("XXX," "Greg the Bunny"), Dawn Parouse
Premise: An update of the 1960s sitcom featuring a talking horse.

[Ye gods!]


Homeland Security (Drama)
Studio: Paramount Network TV
Production Team: Christopher Crowe (“The Watcher” ), Kerry McCluggage
Premise: Government agency fights terrorism.
Stars: Scott Glenn, Tom Skerritt (“Picket Fences”), Marisol Nichols (“Resurrection Blvd.” ), Kal Penn (“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” )

I think they just raided the set of West Wing….


The Mullet Brothers (Comedy)
Studio: Warner Bros. TV
Production Team: Bill Oakley ("The Simpsons"), Josh Weinstein ("The Simpsons"), Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum
Premise: Two brothers who own a roofing company and like to drink beer and watch wrasslin’.


Fearless (Drama)
Studio: Warner Bros. TV, Bruckheimer TV
Production Team: Jerry Bruckheimer, Jeremy and Jonathan Littman ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
Premise: A girl without the gene for fear becomes an FBI agent.
Stars: Rachael Leigh Cook ("She’s All That" ), Eric Balfour ("Veritas: The Quest"), Ian Somerhalder ("Young Americans"), Bianca Lawson ("Save the Last Dance" ), Leo Fitzpatrick ("Kids" )

The gene for fear? Ok…

These are some of the more interesting ones (though I’m not expecting to get any classics here). I’ve spared you the 20 proposals that were about 20/30-somethings and their parents/kids/relationships/cops/alligators, etc. It’s like the same show, over and over and over….