We were discussing female TV personalities and one just wouldn’t make it out of my mom’s mouth. “You know her,” she insisted, “She’s weird. She’s from California. About 60 something. Rich. Husband ran for something. Has some kind of accent….” We had no clue. Imelda Marcos was about the best we could do — not even close, she said.

So after dinner I sat down with Google and tried to figure out who on earth she was thinking about. “TV Hostess rich California politics” didn’t help, nor did several permentations of that search. But something my mom said struck me as a possibily useful term. And, after a few minutes, I tried “TV ‘husband ran for'”. That did it.

The answer? Arianna Huffington.

I love the internet. Saves suddenly waking up at 3:12 in the morning screaming random names and phrases.