Molly Ivins asks: Is this what we thought we were fighting for?

An interesting article on who wants who to run post Iraq. Unsurprisingly, members of the adminstration want to ensconce some highly inappropriate people.

That said, I take issue with some of Ivins’ characterizations here. “Delusional emigre groups?”/”Zionists?” Umm, ok… Sure, delusion exists in some very powerful emigre groups, but A doesn’t automatically equal B. “Zionist” has an anti-Semitic tinge to it — “Pro-Israel” would have gotten the point accross just as well.


Nice ending though:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … Sen. Ted Stevens suggested last week that New York City’s cops and firefighters should work overtime without pay as a wartime sacrifice. “I really feel strongly that we ought to find some way to convince the people that there ought to be some volunteerism at home. Those people overseas in the desert — they’re not getting overtime. … I don’t know why the people working for the cities and counties ought to be paid overtime when they’re responding to matters of national security.”

Stevens, R-Alaska, had just voted for tax cuts that will give those who make a million dollars a year $92,000 more to spend on polo ponies. Some must sacrifice more than others.

Yet another nice guy! Wonder if he’s gonna run Iraq too?

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