Toll authority looks into ban on pennies.

I’m sure they have some good reasons but the ones they give are pretty ridiculous:

Hartman came to the same conclusion after he worked in a tollbooth recently. By his estimates, it takes 5.2 seconds to process 40 pennies in automatic lanes, significantly longer than a combination of other coins, and it takes even longer to handle pennies in the manual booths.

`We must be losing money’

Why? Because meanwhile the drivers have gone elsewhere? I’d be willing to accept that processing the pennies is costing money — but not at the time of acceptence. You’ve got the same number of cars, I’d think, no matter the denomination. Counting them later — I’m sure that takes a lot of extra time.

But really, what better use does anyone have for pennies other than toll booths? I try to stick to 5 or 10 at a time though — neither I nor the booth have that much time on our hands.