Until just a couple of weeks ago, the Regional Counsel for EPA Region 5 was my mom. After 30+ years of government service, Mom has finally retired. Whew! Today her office threw her a grand party at Mangiannos — yum! Nearly 100 people attended. It was like a wedding — with presents and speeches and everything. No wedding cake.

My uncle showed up announced, all the way from DC. Mom was very surprised!

Her office loved her a lot. They expressed this, for some reason, by giving her a lot of lamps. Mom tells me she needs them all for her new house in Wisconsin.

While we were growing up, some people didn’t understand why Mom would want to be a lawyer instead of stay at home with us kids. Staying home works for some families, but I don’t think it would have worked for Mom. Having a miserable stay-at-home mother cannot possibly be good for any family. Instead, we had a Mom who loved her job and showed us what it meant to be a true professional. Not for one second do I think she should have given up the career she worked so hard to build. Moms and dads: you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dad has also just retired. I didn’t get to attend his parties, but I know he will be missed as well. He was a beloved law professor for much of his legal career before attaining his ultimate goal: Bankruptcy Judge. (Well, his ultimate goal was to be a Supreme Court Justice but I don’t think we could have had a Justice Ginsberg sit with a Justice Ginsburg. Too confusing.)

So even without being “Justice”, he got to spend many years dressing in black robes, having people call him “Your Honor,” and conducting his court as it were a classroom. He thought that was a lot of fun.

My dad is weird (and I don’t think he should have stayed home either).

Both of them, I know, will be well remembered and very much missed. Except by that one website which thought they were involved in some kind of conspiracy (not linking to it — you can find it on Google). My parents were more than dedicated to their work, but the plots ascribed to them would have taken way too much effort….

Congrats, Mom & Dad. Happy retirement!