Boohbah — the next craze from the creators of the Teletubbies. Even more insane than the last show. This Flash site alone is enough to forever corrupt fragile neural pathways.

I think these shows must be a subtle form of alien mind control. But better than the right-wing ethos of Barney the so-called dinosaur.

(In case you care: I find Barney evil not so much because of its insipidness, but because it seems to be set in some other era. Children are grouped in heterosexual, non-misegenistic couples. Girls help their moms cook; boys do science projects with their fathers. Ick. Who needs that kind of message? Yes, I know it buys some people a 1/2 hour of piece and quiet. I think Boohbah will put kids in a kind of trance-like haze for days at a time.)