I haven’t done a political rant for a while. I think I’ll let someone else do it for me — The George W. Bush Scorecard of Evil. Complete with little black hearts. This gets 4:

Here’s a quiz. If you have a large group responsible for about $9 billion in fraud and a small group responsible for $54 billion in fraud, which group do you pursue? If you answered the big group responsible for one-fifth the fraud, you might be President Bush! Bush’s IRS creates stringent new rules for the working-poor families who receive the earned-income tax credit, requiring “documents that will be difficult or impossible for people to get within the six-month deadline.” When it comes to choosing between going after the working poor (responsible for $8-5-$9.9 billion in tax fraud in 1999) or going after big corporations (responsible for $54 billion in tax fraud in 1998), this administration bravely takes on poor families every time.