I’ve posted this one before, but I always am extremely happy to see new entries on Abbie The Cat Has A Posse. Like this recent one:

the new rule is this
if the shirt ison the floor that means it is a bed
and I am entitled to sleep on it

you may not like it but thems the rules

Between Seth and me, we have 4 cats. Their blogs wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining or poetic:

Tora: Outside! How can I get Outside? Where the birdies and other things are and I can hide under a car oh how exciting it would be to go Outside! I bet I could work the door handle of I really tried.

Tatsu: I am the boss. I shed. A lot. Did I mention I am the boss? Look how big and fluffy and black I am! Is that my food? It’s not your food. It’s mine. I am the boss.

Yogi: So scary! Everything is terrifying! Do I play or hide? All of these cats are so much bigger than me! And they pick on me! All of them! Maybe we could play….
OHH! A feather toy! Or should I lick some plastic?

[Yogi probably outweighs most of these cats put together. He’s not so much fat as really, really huge. And can’t fit into the spaces he tries to cower in.]

Tangerine: I am Queen of the World!!!! That’s all there is to it.
Did someone just whistle the Sailor Moon theme song? I’d better get off the cable box and go over and check.

All of the cats like Abbie’s new rule and follow it extensively. Things in laundry baskets are also prime sleeping targets.