I gave a speech about weblogs for our Toastmasters meeting today. I basically explained what they were and gave some examples such as FARK (the weblog with the mind set of a 14-year-old boy), Metafilter, and Eatonweb.

I forgot to mention that Eatonweb, along with being a fun weblog (when she updates) has a great portal which organizes weblogs by subject, language, and country of origin. But I was two minutes over the time limit for my speech as it was. It’s hard to talk about weblogs in under 6 minutes!

For my talk, I defined weblogs as websites which are regularly updated with new information, generally one piece at a time, generally in reverse chronological order. I’d include web journals my weblog definition; I’d also (obviously) include FARK. But I know that not everyone would agree with this definition. Still, the term in new enough (coined I think just a few years ago by the guy at Robot Wisdom) that no definition has really yet been agreed upon.