From dive into mark — Mark is watching a Disney sing-a-long video with a three-year-old:

There is a concept in Zen Buddhism called “keeping child’s mind”. It means… well, it means many things, as all things in Zen do, but its meaning was never so clear to me as the other night. I watched the tape and thought about Disney-the-corporation and their lobbying efforts to extend the copyright on Mickey Mouse. I listened to the music and thought about licensing contracts and royalty payments and the RIAA. I watched the child actors and thought about how every single one of them has an agent.

Reilly watched the tape and he danced.

I didn’t realize this would trackback! Wasn’t paying attention. I just liked the zen-ness of the story and thought I’d share it w/ the 5 people who read this site. :-) And it’s a Disney critique too! But I’m wondering if the lesson is to not worry so much about the power of Disney and just be able to enjoy delightful things when you see them, at least every once in a while.