Jason wants us to know:
White House E-mail System Slows to Crawl

Apparently not realizing that the benefit of sending an email rather than call on the phone is direct, unimpeded access, the While House has created an elaborate web-based system by which members of the public can electroncially contact our erstwhile leader. It puts the answering system at your electric company to shame. Among other instructions, you have to say whether you want to support the guy or complain. You may also be required to tattoo your first born. Meanwhile, the new system isn’t holding up too well, “as users apparently flock to the site to see if the new system is as bad as described.”

Jason also wants us see some Fugly Cars which naturally includes the SUV-cum-hearse, the Element.
Jeff B. says: Never before has an off-road vehicle ever screamed “NOT FOR OFF-ROAD-USE” more than the Honda Element.

And, if the Element were not bad enough, Toyota’s gone and made a clone. Ew much.

Anyone else have links to share? Will post for free. (Yes, I’m avoiding writing my GC stuff. Back now.)