If you’re already done with Glider and you’re looking for more game nostalgia, why not try Lemmings, that cute little game where you attempt to rescue little green-haired creatures from their seemingly intractable bent for self-destruction? It’s a great game which stole many hours of my life. This verision looks exactly like it, but for some reason has no sound.

Found at Metafilter, of course. And the MeFi-ites would also like us to know that lemmings don’t really hurl themselves off cliffs to commit ritual suicide.

I did find, however, that Lemmings do occasionally engage in unintentionally self-destructive behavior.

Overpopulation leads to scarcity of food and overcrowding, in turn causing the animals to migrate in search of food. The lemmings embark on their single-minded quest, swimming lakes and rivers, crossing mountains, eating all vegetation in their path. When they reach the sea, they try to swim it as they would a river and drown in the attempt.

And they don’t have green fur either, as you can see here. Aw, isn’t the lemming cute?

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