Who’s a trackback whore?

When we were kids, my parents used to be big eavsedroppers. They especially liked to liisten to conversations in languages they had a bit of proficiency in (my Dad spoke German and both knew French). After listening for a while, they’d wonder who the people were and what their lives were like. Were they professionals? Ending a relationship? Running for office?

(Hi, Mom! You SO did this !)

Obviously, they aren’t the only ones who like to listen. The Internet has any number of sites dedicated to the art of other people’s conversations. Heck, I’ve been reading In Passing for years. So I really enjoyed this Metafilter discussion of a site which chronicles bits of conversation heard on the tube.

20th March 2003
1. She’s burying bodies. Paperboys, men who came to read the meter, Jehovah’s Witnesses. She’ll kill anyone.
2. Robbie Williams wants to see democracy brought to Iraq. Good for him!
3. We are witnessing the renaissance of Serie A.
4. All I ask is fifteen minutes with Britney and a hacksaw.
5. There’s a place near me that does a ‘spiritual workshop’ once a week.
6. Oh! Your tiny hand is frozen!
7. Monica Lewinsky has been up in America host a new reality dating show. Mind you, she’s a bit fat.
8. Where you going? What’s going on? Why? Whyy wasn’t I told?
9. I am a bit disappointed. I expected more carpet-bombing.
10. Go on. Lend us a fiver.

The best part of the discussion is that it includes many similar sites.