I forget where I found this neat Wordblog (Idle Type?). It posts a new little Scrabble puzzle every day. See if you can come up with the highest scoring word.

If you want to participate, keep the following in mind:

  1. The pretty Scrabble tiles are just pictures. You can’t move them around.
  2. Don’t deviate from normal Scrabble rules. Answers should not modify or move the cross tile. Adding extra letters to your rack is also bad form.

Of course, all that will happen to you if you deviate from the rules is that the other participants will complain. A lot. Or maybe you can just make up a whole new set of letters and be surreal. “Hmm. The letters on the rack are W E P H T I S. The cross tile is A. Obviously, the best word here is Tartuffe!”

Maybe not.