I have a thing about scams so I found this discussion on MeFi about diploma mills truly fascinating. The cited PDF document (warning — it’s pretty big) is a 100+ slide journey showing just how this fraud works. Look for the recycled text and stock photos for websites as well as content “borrowed” outright from legitimate educational institutions.

Also note all the kinds of degrees — the BAs and MFAs are one thing, I guess. It seems like the degree mill is claiming the degree was completed through life experience. I personally wouldn’t want encourage that route for a whole degree; there’s something to be said about the classroom experience. In the end, these aren’t really degrees that “credit” life experience anyway. The only credit they require is that on your Visa.

People are buying degrees that land them in to counseling jobs — would you want such a person as your counselor?

I think I saw at least one JD — I had to work 3 years for mine! And the PhDs are especially annoying — I don’t have mine yet but people with legit doctorates study for years and spend a lot of time and hard work on their theses. These buy-a-credential mills threaten to invalidate all of that effort.

Note the accompanying text adds in the MeFi discussion — ironically, they are for diploma mills! I wonder if they’ll get many hits?

And yes, I am REALLY pissed at the Cubs!!!! And they’ll lose tomorrow, knowing them. Oh well, I guess there’s next year or something….