Well, I could do a Star Wars piece, but seeing that everyone else has…

[Fun movie, mostly bad characterization, boy can Yoda kick ass! I want a bouncing Yoda but that phrase is turning up nothing on Google.]

But, instead, I’ll talk about clothing because this has been taking much of my time lately. Buying clothing, laundry, dry cleaning, picking clothing. Etc. But then I have to figure out what goes with what. Thus, most of my wardrobe is black. And things that go with black. And sometimes even navy, which does not go with black, and this requires more thought and different shoes…

You don’t want to hear about this either.

You want to hear about how cat meows may have evolved to better manipulate humans.

Or maybe you want a legal weblog, like lawmeme. I’ve got more where that one came from.

No wait, you want to know the proper way to use a light saber!

So Star Wars wins. Next time, a semiotic analysis of Padme’s and Anakin’s courtly yet oh so doomed love (yah, right).

Thanks for the SW link, Jeff B.!