Still need to fix some formatting though. You can see the list without coming to this page here. I have removed a few (mostly because of lack of updates).

I’ve added the Mary Sue blog because, for some reason, I enjoy their complete horror at the sheer number of these creatures to be found in fan fict.

Faithful Athiest doesn’t update very often but I’ve found some great links there.

Presurfer is full of linky goodness. So is FactoVision.

The best in modern press releases can be found at PRBop.

Obscure Store posts those “can’t miss” news articles of the day.

You’ll notice four more lefty blogs — Calpundit, Liquid List, StoutDemBlog, and Wage Slave Journal (home of the Scorecard of Evil).

Again, got a blog that you think I should include here? Let me know about it in the comments section. No penis enlargement ads please.