Apparently the vocabulary is too dumbed down and bland. (In other words, no one says “fuck”.)

The author is probably right. The news should reflect what people actually say. People say “fuck” and “shit” and a bunch of other nasty words. It’s real life and therefore part of the news. Sorry.

Worse is when NPR’s short story programs bleep out words. These stories are the work of many hours of careful writing. Every word in a story is there for a reason, not just to shock or because the author was too lazy to think of some other word. To respect the author’s work, I think they should include all words in whatever story they read or find some other story.

The preface to yesterday’s show warned that some material in the story was not suitable for younger and more sensitive viewers. But for some reason, WBEZ decided that this warning was only suffiicent to leave “shit” in the story. “Fucking” needed to be bleeped out. Poor Jane Smiley.

Hey, NPR/WBEZ, the FCC has now says “fuck” is ok as long as it doesn’t refer to sex. Yesterday’s story had a scene describing woman (mother of several, kids in earshot) who swore up a storm when she caught a nasty flu. In NPR-land, she can scream “shit” all she likes as fever addles her brain, but a phrase like “when will the fucking pain go away?” is right out. What’s next? Fig leafs over masterwork statues?