Here are Five Geek Social Fallacies — or common social trends among geek tribes.

1. Ostracizers Are Evil
2. Friends Accept Me As I Am
3. Friendship Before All
4. Friendship Is Transitive
5. Friends Do Everything Together

Recognize any of them? No, I’m not singling out any one of you. (Wait, that buys into fallacy one, right? Or maybe 2?)

I’ve probably done GSF4 more than I should, but this has had a few good results (new friendships and stuff) but it’s way, way tiring.

From MeFi, where the first commentator claims there is a sixth fallacy: Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Me is Jealous. I’m not sure I agree with that one. I’m not saying it’s not true, some geeks certainly do exhibit this tendency. And it’s hardly limited to geeks! But the fallacies described in the article concentrate on geeks within their own social groups; this one defines how certain individuals react to society at large. It’s not in the same category.

The writer of number 6 is also hostile to geeks (or at least the “Supergeek”) something I didn’t perceive in the original piece.

I’ve also noticed as geeks grow older they start to abandon these fallacies. It becomes exhausting to keep the social order in an “ideal” state. We start, for example, not including everyone in everything or throwing smaller parties.

Addendum: One of the MeFi commentators has observed he’s seen the same tendancies in brides (esp. GSF4). I was thinking something very similar — that bridezillas exhibit a lot of these fallacies. Even that 6th fallacy (“You won’t put up with my every whim and desire? You’re just jealous!”). Fortunately, I’ve just read about the bridezillas rather than had much personal experience.