Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men has been incredible but his run ends in only a few issues (with a future Phoenix story — should be good). But up to this point, I hadn’t heard much about who’s going to replace him. X-Axis has heard at least one interesting name:

Marvel [has] yet to announce a replacement, although reports seem fairly uniform that they’ve got one lined up. Joss Whedon’s name has been doing the rounds in the rumour mills for some time now. I could certainly live with that.

Me too.

If Joss does take the helm, do you think he’ll do a musical issue? “Mutants aren’t cute like everybody supposes. They’ve got six stubby legs and prehensile noses. And what about the X Factor? What do they need extra genes for anyway? Mutants! Mutants! It must be mutants! Or maybe Morlocks.”

Maybe not.