Maybe people like cats becuase they seem to think in poetry. I found a blog written by a cat (well, really Pop Culture Junk Mail found it). The cat says

there is More to life than the window seat
there are many many many places to go
corners to hide in and food to eat
Couches to sit on and Trashcasn to knock over
there is so much more to Life than sitting atthe window and looking out at the world

The blog is here.

OK, it’s not really deep poetry, but come on, it was written by a cat! Can your cats do better?

My cats are sleeping on the stuff scattered around my house which, at some point, I ought to pick up.

Meanwhile, on Metafilter, people are arguing whether its more cruel to keep cats indoors or outdoors. My cats live a savagely underprivledged life of indoor solitude. Sleeping on stuff and getting in fights and playing endlessly with the feather toy.