are collecting stories from actual Americans that show The Real State of the Union. This one, which I saw posted on Wage Slave Journal, shows the daily effects of Bush’s tax cuts and economic policies:

Bush’s generous tax cuts have put an extra four dollars into my twice-monthly pay check. Meanwhile our local property taxes have increased by about $1000 this year. Our son’s college tuition was raised by about 9%. My husband and I receive health care through our employer, who raised our contribution 400% this past year. My daughter who just graduated college last spring can not find a job that pays more than $7.50 and hour. She has no health insurance, and since she can only find low paying jobs without benefits, she is unable for now to repay her college loans, so we are making those payments for her. Thank you George Bush for your tender concern for the middle class.

So, a measly tax cut. A disproportionate property tax increase to make up for lost local revenue. Benefits that pretty much cost more than salaries. No jobs for new grads. Whee.