There’s been some nice stuff lately over at Alas, a blog, which has been covering some pressing feminist and sexuality issues.

Apparently, the Freepers have been attacking comedian Margaet Cho for her stance on same sex marriage.

Naturally, much of the anti debate consists of them screaming at her, calling her a fat slanty-eyed Asian who should return to China (she was born in SF; her family is Korean) and, for some reason, fuck a pig. I’ve heard of this kind of thing in the past, but I hadn’t heard of those attackers later feeling remorse:

Remarkably, a few of the hate mail writers have since written again to apologize. One person who originally wrote in to call Cho a”fuckin’ fat cunt” wrote again to apologize, and added that “I am the father of a daughter, the husband of a wife, the son of a mother and the brother of a sister and I feel like I owe them an apology also–although I’ll never be brave enough to do so.” It’s surprising that he’s perceptive enough to realize that his misogyny was an insult to all women, not just to Cho.

It’s really an insult to everyone, but I’m glad the insulter is starting to realize the wider range of his invectives. It’s the first step back to sanity and a more reasoned debate (though that debate is mostly now “think of the children” – argh. Loving homes are what’s good for children; the precise composition and nature of the love is less important. Are you going to tell two aunts they can’t raise kids?).

Cho’s response.

On the conservative theory that abortion leads to infanticide:

Notice the pattern? It’s the exact opposite of the pattern Mark’s theory would lead us to expect. The states with the strongest pro-choice cultures experience the least infanticide.

I’m not surprised. People who think they have control over their lives and bodies are less likely to make snap, violent decisions.

On how to avoid rape:

Suggesting people should avoid walking down murder row is reasonable. Suggesting women should avoid the world – which is what all those “common sense” strategies boil down to – is not reasonable.

(And the wacky punchline to all this? Even if a woman obeys every single rule for avoiding rape, she still might get raped.)

Yup. We only have so much control over what happens to us; we can’t go around living in fear 24/7.

Best of all: Cute cat/baby picture

Go check it out.

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