Helped run the Friends of Lulu booth at Wizard World this weekend. Thanks Greg and Anne for filling out our bizzare trio of not-quite-booth-babes. Saw many cool comics people and read many cool comics. Here are some:

Paradise Valley Comics — Sparky the Dog and Those Kids! These comics are lots of fun. How could they not be when their creator has 3 corgies?

Amy Unbounded — Arrgh! The last issue ends on such a cliff hanger. Amy gets sent to bed before her parents finish their story! So not fair. [Link dead at posting time but I expect it will come back up.]

Shades of Blue — Cause real heroines wear stripy tights.

Little White Mouse — Anne reads about one comic; this is it.

Eternal Romance — This sort of takes the phrase “I give you my heart” to an entirely wrong place.

A Distant Soil — This is a really beautiful comic. Look for Doran’s new work from Vertigo later this year.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund — The ACLU of comics. And they have cool posters and t-shirts.

Did I mention FoL raised nearly $1000? Yay us!

People not at the con you should read anyway:

Stinz and Desert Peach — What’s wrong with being a centaur in something like WWI Europe or a gay German commander (the brother of the famous Rommel no less) in WW2? Don’t answer that…

Bitchy Bitch and Bitchy Butch — demonstrating some of the most….. expressive breasts I’ve ever seen. Not to mention some … unique? bad days.

Not Available Comics — Stick figures make great comics.