Yay! Joss Whedon will be writing the Astonishing X-Men. And best of all? He’s gonna get to script Shadowcat. Looks like Joss is looking forward to the series too:

“There are three reasons why I’m doing this,” Whedon told the trade paper. “One, I get to write the X-Men, a comic I grew up reading. It’s probably the biggest influence on my work there is. Two, I want to personalize things and figure who these characters are to me now. And three, [the character] Kitty Pryde. She was not a small influence on Buffy. I get to use her, and that sealed the deal.”

If I had known when Buffy first started that she was based on Kitty, I’d have started watching a lot sooner.

Bryan Singer will write Ultimate X-Men. Makes sense based on the few issues of the series I’ve read.

As fun as I think these runs will be, I predict the venture won’t do a lot to increase Marvel’s circulation numbers. Superheroes have a hardcore fandom to be sure, but I think the modern market is about as saturated as it’s going to get.