The DNS is taking forever to resolve. I think I’ll make some useless entries while I wait. It’s like I want to add entries when I can’t get to the site but when everything’s working I don’t put up a thing. Today, the semiotic nature of television shows filmed in primary and secondary colors.

debgpi(11:18:01 AM): What’s the point of CCing a televsion show aimed at 2 yr olds?

[Well, I'm sure there are plenty of good reasons but it strikes me as strange.]

debgpi (11:18:46 AM): this show is seriously f’ed up
Seth (9205538) (11:18:56 AM): hehe
debgpi (11:19:21 AM): I can see why the right wingers hate it. Not only does tinky winky carry a bag but sometimes he wears a tutu
Seth (9205538) (11:19:41 AM): they are sexless athropomorphic blobs
debgpi (11:19:44 AM): and keeps losing it in a strange sort of kiddy show strip tease
Seth (9205538) (11:19:48 AM): ‘he’ doesnt really apply
Seth (9205538) (11:19:58 AM): disturbing
Seth (9205538) (11:20:03 AM): why are you watching telly tubbies?
debgpi (11:20:16 AM): it was on when I turned on the tv
Seth (9205538) (11:20:28 AM): likely story
debgpi (11:20:29 AM): I haven’t changed the channel b/c I fear this is the best I’ll find
debgpi (11:20:40 AM): and I”m in dana’s house so no TiVO

[I look away at the laptop screen for sec and Tinky Winky has lost his skirt. Noo-Noo looks very guilty. I look away again, the skirt is back and TW is saying "Naughty Noo-Noo!"].

debgpi (11:20:50 AM): did the vacuum cleaner just vomit up the skirt?
debgpi (11:21:01 AM): what a very special way to wear the skirt, the announcer says without irony
Seth (9205538) (11:21:19 AM): irony is where you find it
debgpi (11:21:54 AM): TW was wearing the skirt in a very special way to do his very special round and round dance — announcer. I’m telling you, this is a pop culture gold mine
debgpi (11:22:34 AM): He’s wearing the skirt on his head, btw.
Seth (9205538) (11:22:38 AM): hehe
Seth (9205538) (11:23:29 AM): i think its a mirror of the watchers preconceptions and assumptions
Seth (9205538) (11:23:42 AM): you get out of it what you bring into it, like the evil cave in Empire Strikes back.
debgpi (11:23:45 AM): I think it’s the sequel to The Prisoner

I probably shouldn’t bother Seth at work. Update: Seth had more LOLs in here and I had more misspellings but I took them out for flow. And because there are enough misspellings already in this blog.

I wish I had come up with that Prisoner analogy myself, but I stole it from someone at GenCon. Which is where I will be for most of this week, running games for Fantasy Aspirations. See you there!

Maybe Arthur will be on now. I love having Mondays off even if I work Saturdays. No, it’s Mr. Rogers. Too bad. If I were in my house, I could watch one of the 20,000 eps of STNG that my TIVO has recorded. OOO Twilight Zone. See how productive I am?