Quelle shock: Republicans rally at Bush’s alma mater. Anyone surprised? Gotta love some of their reasons for supporting the Resident:

We’re not a political group, but Bush is a DKE brother, so we came to support him,” DKE President Dicky Shanor ’05 said.

Dear Delta Psi siblings: don’t expect similar easy endorsements from me.

I’m amused that some liberals managed to “infiltrate” the rally:

Republican supporters were not alone, as they were joined by the group Billionaires for Bush. Around 30 students were present, all dressed in formal attire and holding signs such as “Blood for Oil.”

Hmm, I thought they were keeping the dissidents out these days. How did they get in?

Chung said it was difficult to stop the group because they blended in with the Republicans.

Ah, they broke the dress code!

I like the last word, too:

“I’m just glad to see so many Republicans here,” Mark Wells ’05 said. “We usually don’t see many at Yale.”

Someone’s not been going to class!

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