I voted. There was no line control where I was at which was totally annoying. If I can get the time off, maybe I’ll volunteer to help for the general election. I’m sure the chaos was a result of being understaffed, but I think I waited 10 min longer than people who merely pushed to the front of the line. But I eventually got to cast my ballot and I didn’t mess up! No bad chads.

Note to self: use the puncher to mark your ballot, not the TREO stylus.

I voted for people I wasn’t 100% happy with but thought could do the job. Next primary, though, I’ll do a better job getting more information in advance.

Anne’s been working very hard on getting a property tax increase for her troubled school system in Du Page. She did a lot of work, making the website and talking to individual voters. Everything her group did made a difference because they (SD 2002) won. A close vote, to be sure, but they did it. Congrats guys!

Sucks to be the Du Page libraries though — didn’t look like anyone wanted to give them any money.

On to November.