This game amused me even though I don’t speak Danish (I think it’s Danish). It’s strangely addicting but what’s going on? How do you make more than like 5 panfuls?

Via Linkfilter.

Read more if you want the rules (half the fun is trying to figure it out):

I’m not sure exactly what you are supposed to do but this should work:

1. Light burners.
2. Put pans on burners.
3. Break 3 eggs into the bowl.
4. Add milk.
5. Stir the eggs by moving your mouse over the bowl. Pisk Pisk Pisk!
6. Pour eggs into pan by moving the bowl over the pan.
7. Cover the pans with the lid. The eggs then cook in 10 seconds.
8. Remove the pans from the burners to the plate on the right. Don’t let the eggs burn or you’ll lose points.
9. Repeat until your time is done.

High score around 15000. I can get about 4500.