Just back from GenCon. Had a wondeful time. Very tired now.

Good stuff:
1. Seeing many, many friends.
2. Winning the first round of a Settlers of Catan Tournement
Which was supposed to be a Starfarers tourney — oops! And Seth took second! Ok, it was just 4 people but still….
3. While you might think that Ewoks and Droids don’t mix, they actually do.
4. Major Domo.
5. Mini Donuts — yum!
Good thing I forgot about them until the last day!

Not so good:
1. Box springs and loud elevator doors.
Not a sleep inducing combination. I sleep on a futon normally and the Hilton beds were disconcerting. The elevator door outside our room more so. Good thing they shut down that particular elevator at night. Then they turned it on at 6 am or so. Grr. Argh.
2. Did I forget to eat again?
I think I must have had 6 meals in the last 4 days. There’s just no time!
3. Wait! Where are you going?
4. In this room no that room no maybe some other building entirely….
While better than some years, the room/time schedules were pretty messed up. I hear the con will be getting some good software to handle the schedule next year. Finally.
5. Where did the time go?
I feel I didn’t get to see anyone nearly as much as I would have liked. Or play as many games. And yet I did something nearly every slot!

Next year in Indy, guys! See you there!

Thanks, Anne, for making Fantasy Aspriations go so well this year! And to Nancy and Chuck who were excellent roommates. And to Steve because kept me awake on the long ride back. And everyone else too.