Today I saw a comment on my site from someone I didn’t know. At first, I thought it was more comment spam and I deleted it but then thought that maybe I should take another look. Normally, these second looks let me know about such useful sites as teen-horses-4-U but this one turned out to be legit (so I restored the comment).

The site? Cheese is icky!

It’s a web club for cheese haters everywhere. I’m glad my experiences aren’t unique:

< blockquote>in all my life, when ANYONE finds out i don’t like cheese they either:
1. ask if i’m lactose intolerant
2. ask if i’m vegan
3. say, “are you human or is there just something really wrong with you?”
4. say, “really?? i looove cheese!!” (and i’m thinking, “i know stupid, just about everyone does.”)

I usually get told I’m unamerican.

It even has a club! Ok, the club has all of 2 members but the site is brand new — give it a bit.