Every profession has at least one trick to get you out of a tight spot. As a librarian (which is not on the list), I guess I use Google for most tricky questions (yes, I know we’re not supposed to but with the right keywords Google can generate some amazing answers). The other savior is generally Hein Online. Or Beiber’s.

I like the lawyer trick:

Do whatever it takes to fit your contracts onto a single page: Format with single-spacing, use a 10- or 9-point font, and reduce the margins to less than an inch. Most people assume any contract that fits on one page will be simple and straightforward, and even sophisticated negotiators can be charmed by the lack of a staple.

And the wedding coordinator one is especially apt:

People’s fingers swell when they get nervous. So, when exchanging rings, tell couples to only slide the ring up to the first knuckle and let the other person push it up the rest of the way. Otherwise you run the risk of the groom breaking his bride’s finger in the middle of the ceremony.

Seth, please don’t break my finger!