In 1987, I got my first Mac. After using computers for 5 years, I finally found one that worked the way I thought they were supposed to work! No more retyping command lines because of some stupid typo. I could get the cursor from one side of the screen to the other in less than a minute. It was great!

In 1994, someone showed me the World Wide Web. I’d been reading Usenet and sending email for some 5 years at that point, but for the first time, the Internet worked like I thought it should. Again, no messing up command lines. I could move from one resource to the next in something under 30 seconds. I was hooked (obviously).

In 1999, I noticed this Google thing popping up in a lot of places and thought I’d give it a try. Finally, after struggling with other search engines, this one worked the way I thought a search engine should work! Queries were easy to enter and the results made sense. And no ads.

It’s been my number one (not my only, just number one) search engine since.

Yah, we’re supposed to not like it any more. It’s not cool. It’s sometimes evil. Since Google came along, no one seems to be able to use the simplest database interface (everyone — none of the following work like Google: your OPAC, EBSCO, Proquest, Westlaw, Lexis, any other database interface). Still, I like Google — it’s been able to solve some amazing problems that traditional data sources could not.

So Happy Bday Google and here’s hoping you’re not destroyed by your own IPO or something. And don’t be evil.

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