I’m a horrible person. Why? Because I think the Fugblog (Go Fug Yourself) is the funniest website I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s not nice. Not nice at all.

Take, for example, poor Lenny Kravitz. He only wore the outfit just the one time. But then the paparazzi got a picture of it and now he’s completely humiliated:

But… he is wearing wings. He is wearing a gigantic man-sized tassel, some jeans, and wings. And sunglasses that make him look faintly alien, in combination with the wings that he is wearing. Because he is, indeed, wearing wings. Scaly-looking fug wings.

Unless you are an angel, a bird, or a maxi-pad, you should not have wings.

Ah, well. If the Fugbloggers critiqued me, they’d probably try to explain that there are, in fact, other colors in this world besides black. And that every once in a while, I should go buy some new clothes. And maybe not black.