Like everyone else in the world, I’ve been playing with the new beta version of NetNewsWire (I use NNW lite from time to time). This beta version is really kind of fun. I liked being able to open up stories into another tab to read. Here are some of the stories I looked at today:

Unhappy Customers Slam; Owners Blame Apple — If we don’t get ’em, you don’t get ’em.

When the hell did John Byrne lose his mind? — Somewhere around NextMen, I think.

Milkmen: Fathers Who Breastfeed — OK….

Craziest — Cool Scrabble Flash movie. For me, 311 points would be a good game.

When The Web Goes Missing, Users Suffer Withdrawal — It’s not just me.

Woot! — A new high-tech bargain every day.

Kanji Alive — A neat little dictionary and kanji tutorial. It’s web-based and uses QuickTime. I found it a little slow but over all it’s very cool!

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like? — It would suck. About his subsequent story, however — Cat Stevens may be an ass, but I’m not sure he should have been deported. If the grounds are he supported the fatwa against Rushdie, can we deport members of anti-abortion groups who support murdering doctors?

TalkLeft Censored By Paypal — Post a politically incorrect link, lose your money.

The TIVO limited edition IPod — Two cool things that are cool together. If three more people buy TIVOs and give me credit, I could get one! OK, I already have an IPod, but this one is newer. With a TIVO logo. And then Seth could have one, too.

When does 24 hours = 3 months — You didn’t really want that software, did you? A tragic story of trying to buy just one product.

Bushisms! The Movie — Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning.

The one thing I wish I could do is note which blogs these links come from. If there’s a way to do that, I haven’t figured it out yet. Just assume they come from those lovely links to the side.