Apparently on Oct. 15, a bunch of people had a Mayday for Marriage rally in DC. Here’s some choice quotes:

“When you can say that two men or two women can raise children equally, that’s basically degradation to all human beings.” No, I really don’t think so. Going to war for no reason, that’s a degradation.

“I used to vote my pocketbook … Now I don’t worry about my pocketbook. God made me a promise He’s going to take care of me, and I believe Him. Now I’m just voting for what’s moral.” That was nice of God. Wish God would do that for other people. The starving ones. The ones dying in wars. The ones dying of preventable diseases. Maybe who aren’t even American or something. Maybe you should vote about that? That seems like it would come under “moral”.

“I’m voting for Bush … I don’t like his corporate policies, but I believe in his family values.” I assume she’s including the frat parties and drugs here. Oh, and those family values which put people out of work, weaken their school systems, and destroy their environment. Those are very good family values!

“We don’t want to have to answer why does Susie have two mommies and why does Johnny have two daddies.” Did someone ask the question? Here’s the easy and universal answer: “It’s really none of our business.”

Gah. That these people would sanction our marriage because Seth and I happen to be of opposite sexes and would deny so many others to marry the person of their choosing galls me to no end.