Colophon has designed his blog’s header to display a picture reflecting the current weather conditions of his home. How he did it seems simple enough, if somewhat labor intensive:

The image displayed across the top of the site (for those using CSS compliant browsers) is a 1600 pixel-wide panoramic view from the top of my parents’ house, in Dorset. The scene was originally captured as a series of photographs, before being manually traced in Xara X and Photoshop 7 to produce the cartoony version you (hopefully) see here.

There are ninety versions of this panorama, each depicting the same scene under a different weather condition, time of day, and (at night) phase of the moon.

Thanks to an XML feed from, and some PHP jiggery pokery, the end result is a fairly accurate representation of what my parents see when they look out of their upstairs windows.

Even the sheep react appropriately to the weather, strolling about in the sun, huddling in the rain. What a neat little app!