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For me to poop on!:

The other day, I was outside waiting for Bo to go to the

bathroom, and I got frustrated, and finally hollered, “Bo,

either poop or get out of the kitchen!”

I’m glad I have cats. No walking.

The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains

Spans about 2 years. What a concept!

Query Letters I Love

“Can a Park Avenue psychoanalyst find lasting love with a cable-access Tarot-reading psychic healer from the Bronx?”

Probably not.

One man Star Wars Trillogy

I’m not sure why I should pay to see what I currently live with but should be fun.

iPod – restore and maximize battery life

Could be the secret to getting more than a few hours from the iPod. With my luck, could destroy the thing utterly. I’ll have to think about this.


If I haven’t found good links in my daily surf, I can always try these sites!

Skeletal Systems

Dem bones, dem bones, dem Linus bones. Fascinating!