Wow, the assholes are out in heavy form this year. You won, you jerks. Calm down already. Enjoy the season instead of whining about it.

Christmas isn’t going away just because some of us say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Yet to hear the right talk, the holiday is all but banished thanks to us evil (and read here also “Jewish”) liberals. Bah, humbug. A few things to remember about Christmas:

1. The holiday was created by the Catholic church from an older, non-Christian holiday.

2. Until fairly recently, Christmas was not a big holiday in many Christian cultures. Easter, I believe, was considered far more important. But, no presents.

3. The secularization of Christmas, one would think, would have a lot more to do with the commercialization of the holiday rather than the fact that some public school districts no longer teach Christmas carols.

Like always, I can’t rant as well as those who are paid to do it, but I like Anna Quindlen’s response to this nonsense:

So if people are really worried about keeping Christ in Christmas, they might personally exhibit tolerance and charity, kindness and generosity. It is the ultimate exercise of style over substance to whine about the absence of “O Holy Night” at public events. The real point is in taking the lyrics to heart: “Truly he taught us to love one another/His law is love and his gospel is peace.” And if saying “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” offers someone who is not of your faith more comfort and joy—well, ’tis the season for both.

Amen, sister. And happy holidays for whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year, whether it be your religion’s highest of holy days or just enjoying a few days of rest before 2005 is loosened upon the world. And to all, a good night.