This MeFi comment, from a thread about a recently released study, apparently based on quite ancient data, claiming that while men have a better chance at getting married the higher their IQ, smarter women can expect fewer chances at marriage, may be one of best things I’ve seen on the Internet in a while.

During the inevitably heated discussion, one commenter claimed another was a “woos”. Of course, a chorus of MeFites (well, at least one) explained the word was “wuss”, while others noted that “woos” sounded very Seusean. From this observation, at least one writer found great inspiration:

Elponitnatsnoc, the wonderful woos

Was pissed when his high-IQ mate turned him loose.

She said, “All your woosiness isn’t attractive,

I yearn for a mate who is more interactive.”

Said Elponitnatsnoc to her, “You’ll be back!

I may not be handsome, or great in the sack,

Or intelligent, artsy, courageous, or nice,

Or sane or humane or refraining from vice

And it’s true that I’m smelly and still a bed-wetter,

But studies from Britain say you’ll do no better!”

But Elponitnatsnoc soon found he was wrong

When she wed a nice grad student with a big schlong.

With irony he didn’t notice was funny,

Elpo said, “Girls like assholes. Or else it’s the money.”