Utopia Hell responds to the odd, yet oft-repeated, question: Why don’t women blog?

Answer: Um, they are blogging. And not just about kids and baking. Or tampons. And, also, there are lots of guys blogging about kids and baking, too, just so you know.

One Good Thing had a few words on this not too long ago:

Popular, Liberal Male Blogger: Why don’t women blog? I’ve looked on my blogroll and I don’t see any women bloggers. Therefore, they must not exist. Women must not be interested in thinky stuff like politics or computers.

45 Women Bloggers respond in the comments section: WTF? We all have blogs!

Liberal, Male Blogger: I don’t mean blogs about tampons. All women do is talk about feminine hygiene products. I mean, Where are all the women who blog about important stuff; the stuff *I’m* interested in.

45 Women Bloggers: You’re right. We only talk about feminine hygiene products. Here’s more talk about feminine hygiene products: You are a douche.

Up to this point, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about kids. Or baking. Or tampons. Darn, guess I’m a woman blogger now!

Let’s see, I have some 50 blogs in my blogroll. Some of those blogs need to be updated or deleted, and I’m planning on adding a couple more. But a quick check shows that while about half the blogs I read are written by guys, the rest are written by groups that include women, couples that include at least one woman, or womens’ blogs. Why are these blogs in my blogroll? Male, female, group, or whatever, they are there because I thought they had interesting things to say, or at least an interesting way of saying boring stuff. Also, Mac users!

Over at my LiveJournal site, I’ve linked to over 15 blogs. Here, however, only 5 are male (and two NEVER update); the rest are women (and quite a few of them don’t update, either, hint hint hint). Since this is LiveJournal, I link to those people because they are my friends or because I am married to them.

I’d make this some kind of discussion but that would require me figuring out how to turn my comments back on.

Apparently UH wrote this a while ago, but The Presurfer just posted about it now. Darn male bloggers. Or female. I think the blog is by a guy but I could be wrong!