Some random links from the last few days. I’ve been sick, so I’ve been reading web comics:

Cat and Girl: A comic where postmodernism meets, um, something. A cat and a girl?

Oh, I have a idea! Let’s do a Powerpuff Girls fanfic comic! In shoujo manga style! And we’ll throw in Dexter, Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Samurai Jack, and a bunch of other random Cartoon Network and Nick cartoons, too! That would be a great comic!

Oddly enough, Powerpuff Gilrs Doujinshi is a a great comic! Frenetic, beautifully drawn, with too many cartoon references for me to catch, and a little bit of Balthus thrown in for good measure — it’s an odd mixture, but it works. Can’t wait for the next installment.

Pathetic Geek Stories

Where am I finding all this? The big ol’ Webcomics List.

Also: Katie sends us a cute little video of The Element Song.