Several things seem clear to me:

1. This woman is not going to recover. Ever.

2. This is a debate about abortion, and this woman is a pawn.

3. Most of America can see through this charade.

4. There will be no winners no matter what happens, least of all the woman herself.

5. No actors in this case are paragons of sense or morality. But we have laws that tell us what we should do. For some reason, people don’t want to follow these laws. This is what the court system is for.

6. If Terri’s gay lover were fighting for her life, we wouldn’t even know about her.

7. If anyone doubts cable news networks are highly conservative, look at their headlines over the last few days. Esp. CNN.

This is one of the worst public debates I’ve ever seen. I think the Daily Show summed up the issues nicely. And that’s pretty frightening, that DS does a better job than most news networks.

“I agree with the Rabbi.” Heh.