Some places I visited today:

Article 10: Power Struggle: Do we read comics for the power fantasy or the soap opera?

Up and Onward…: Yet another superhero blog

Divorce Rate: It’s Not as High as You Think: You mean the sky isn’t falling on family values? I’m shocked, shocked to find marriage going on here.

Howl’s Moving Castle: The latest Miyazaki will be out in June! Yay!

Draw a pig personality test: Not much of a personality test, but still kind of fun. It’s hard to draw with a mouse.

Orange Tangerine: An interesting feminist blog, but truth is, I clicked the link because the blog’s name reminded me of my cat.

Jessica Stover Dot Com: She felt sorry for the nerds futilely waiting at a theater where Episode III will never play, so she brought them pizza.

Bitch. Ph.D.: Do you trust women?: Abortion as a matter of trust.