Low on energy so not as much blogging, sorry. But I’ve still found some links you all might find interesting (or at least mildly entertaining):

ArtCats.com: Can you breed cats to make art? Is the result provocative, cruel, or something else completely? Is DNA a legitimate artistic medium?

Grand Rounds is a collaborative project that highlights the best in medical blogging every week. Each issue is hosted by a different medical blog. Check out this week’s quote-laden offering over at The Chaplin.News: Grand Rounds XXXV.

Watch out for Terrorists and Their Plans: What might terrorists do? If 9/11 was truly the result of a lack of imagination, this site seeks to remedy that problem by asking readers to contribute their own ideas. Some are silly (“Terrorists might give president of USA a cat” – I think he has a cat), some are thought-provoking (“Terrorists might destroy the four east-west highway arteries simultaneously”). I was fascinated by the number of people who thought that WalMarts and malls would make good targets — right at the heart of consumerism. They’re also quite worried about coffee and beer.

Finally, where would we be without Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes?