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I haven’t done as many political posts lately, but I have no idea where to start anymore. This war is worse all the time, political stupidity is rampant, and our economy precarious. If you need some stuff to be outraged about, try the Democratic Underground’s Top 10 Conservative Idiots. I especially liked this one:

Looks like brand new senator John Thune (R-Out Of His Depth) is going to feel the pain from Our Great Leader’s Great Military Base Closure. Bush persuaded Thune to run against Tom Daschle, and you’d think he’d want to reward Thune for defeating the Senate Minority Leader last year. Sorry – that’s not the way Dubya runs things. During his campaign Thune consistently promised to defend Ellsworth Airforce Base from closure, but a mere six months later Ellsworth is on the chopping block and Thune is looking like a bit of a fool.

On point 10 though, I’d want to compare Fox News’ declining numbers to other news sources’ numbers for before celebrating. I’d bet around the election, numbers are high across the board, but then fall steadily afterwards for all sources.

Hmm. Correction:

In April 2005, FNC’s weekday primetime demo average decreased 25% compared to the year-ago, while CNN increased 27%.

Not a great fan of CNN so not sure if this is good news.