So with the new Potter book due out in days, everyone’s wondering if it will answer any questions.

The author asks a number of questions, but I think few will be answered:

1. What happened to Norbert the dragon? We might find out this book.

2. Will Ron and Hermione finally become a couple? I’m not sure this will ever be resolved.

3. Will Harry ever get a girlfriend? He’ll probably go out with someone else, who will then die or betray him or something,

4. When will we get to know the rest of the Weasley family? I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Weasleys in this book.

5. Will Harry rid himself of the giant chip on his shoulder? Not this book.

6. Who will be the next Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher? I think she’ll save Snape for the last book.

7. Just what role will Neville Longbottom play in the resolution of the series? I think we’ll learn a little more this book, but he’ll be very important in 7.

8. Who — if anyone — will die in this book? Dumbledore.

9. Will Harry or the other characters time-travel again, as they did at the end of “Prisoner Of Azkaban”? I hope not!

10. What secrets are yet to be revealed about Harry’s parents, and their generation of Hogwarts students? And just how much does Harry take after James Potter? I expect we’ll learn a lot more about the previous generation in this book.

11. Are there any new flavors of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans? Yes.

12. What is the precise nature of the relationship between Harry and Voldemort? I’m pretty sure we won’t get the full story till the next book.

I’ll be away when Book 6 is scheduled to arrive. Seth can read it as long as he’s done by Weds. night when I get home!